December 30, 2018

I was in Victoria recently climbing around Mount Douglas discovering new ideas for my art work and also hiking around the Ottawa area watching water flow down the river.  In Victoria, had to borrow a pair of sun glasses to have this photo taken or the other option was to close my eyes the sun was so bright.  Ottawa was a different weather system, overcast light snow and -3.  Both nice areas, with something different to offer.  Very balanced when you put them together. I'm always looking at nature and how it produces its different designs, constantly thinking about how to capture this in my art work.  Different seasons display different natural designs.  I've always had a hard time trying to establish a naming sequence for my abstract work.  I want the naming to be meaningful with some kind of a pattern.  During these travels I come to realize that the abstract names have been right in front of me all along - Trees!  All trees have names, and I thought, how simple, the naming sequence was in front of me all this time. 


November 25, 2018

School is done for now just finished up Life Painting, I enjoyed the class but it will be nice to get the time back.  Commuting back and forth cuts into my creative time, but there is some give and take to.  The Guess Who show was a big success and my 10x10 still life sold to a happy buyer, there seemed to be a little bit of everything at that show for the patrons.  I’m currently in the middle of painting a Giraffe for a client that’s almost finished and I’ll have to share that in the newsletter I think in January.  I also did up a self portrait for a school assignment really fast it turned out not too bad but it was fast and done in acrylic.  Slower in oil would have been better but when you are pressed for time acrylic works.  I also see that my painting sold at the BC SPCA gala in Victoria, so that was good to see it was able to raise some money for the charity.  

August 4, 2018

This summer has been busy, days just seem to fly by.  I've been working on collage work to perfect a technique that has been getting a lot of attention at the recent shows.  The Steveston Salmon Fest was good, I'm planning that one as an annual event. I've also been working on some new innovative oil drawings available for the show in Delta this month, they are 8 x 10 inch and have been popular at previous shows.  I met with BC Children's Hospital Gift Shop organizers to begin selling the greeting card line in their retail gift store, funds raised will help support the foundation, so everyone was very excited about that.​

June 24, 2018

I made it back from the Vancouver Island Pet Expo in Victoria, these shows are always a bit exhausting.  Its been so busy I missed my blog entry last month.  I've been in school taking a course in contemporary painting.  This course has had me expanding and growing my none objective abstract portfolio.  Time goes by so fast when I'm in school, but I always end up learning something so it makes it worth while. I've been getting ready for the Steveston Salmon Fest Art Show, I'm participating in that with the Richmond Artist Guild.  That's taking place on the Canada Day long weekend. Recently I was in Ottawa and took the time to take in our National Gallery. My advise to you if you have not been there yet, it takes about a day to get though the place and take it all in.  So do take the time and budget the better part of a day to be in the Gallery, they have a cafeteria and also a full service sit down restaurant both are very good.  I think the only area I didn't go into was the on-site library.  Of notable mention in relation to the subject of art was the 19th century Canadian collection of works from Montreal and Toronto Artists. All very well done and comparable with equal quality to the European art movement during that time period, very impressive work.

April 1, 2018

​​Bye bye March hello April – I’ve been prepping three 8x10 inch canvas for whimsical painting these are for the Victoria Show and working on a new abstract with a pet theme I just need to photograph it and then varnish, plus a few other items such as the paw print designs on crushed stone, I’ve been re-doing with a more colourless pour, first renditions were a little on the cloudy side.  The problem with doing collage on crushed stone is that the pour needs to be thick in order to cover completely.  The thicker the pour the more likely it will become cloudy. So I’m trying a new pouring medium that should solve this problem, so far they look great.

Much of my portraiture is on display at the Western Canada Veterinary Eye Specialist Clinic in NewWestminster, the exhibit runs until June.  The newsletter is done and ready to go for Tuesday morning – that’s always a big job each quarter.  It’s been busy, but good, I’m also revamping a few greeting card designs as well, with some ideas for new cards as well.  I’ve been working on Rock Star the Rooster and finally have it completed, it’s on the “Pets” section of the web site, it’s a 12x12 oil on canvas.  

March 3, 2018

​​The Abbotsford Pet Lovers show is over for another year, putting together these show exhibitions is an exhausting adventure so I’ve been recuperating and getting ready for the next one in Victoria.  It took three hours to get from Richmond to Abbotsford, the weather made it slow to commute, but no other issues other than that.  The past two months have been busy getting things ready for this show.  I worked on a series of turtles in collage that were interesting, I still have yet to up load them onto the site but did show case them in the newsletter.  I think collage is a great medium when it’s done well.  Need to book some time back at the easel again to paint some whimsical themes again I have an order for an 11x14.   

January 21, 2018

​​Getting back into a regular routine from the holiday season, I hope everybody got what they wanted for Christmas.  I was in Victoria for the holidays and made a trip to Sooke to walk around the park and look at the terrain.  I always enjoy walking around on the trails, it gives me time to think about my next big artistic idea.  I took in a theatre show in Richmond and a Symphony performance in Vancouver.  I’ve been working on a few new ideas and works of art for the upcoming shows.  This includes some small whimsical art pieces, people seem to like these.   I’ve been utilizing Yupo media lately and learning all about it, it’s like a white plastic film with a finish on it.  It’s a paper alternative with different properties than paper.  I’d like to do more with it and compare it with Vellum paper which also has a synthetic feel and different properties than paper.